KLEU Super-Light Podest

The new SUPER Light stage platform weighs only 29 kg incl. outdoor panel.

KLEU Super-Light Podest

The feet can be mounted in seconds on the variable platform corner.

Technical Details:
Standard Size: 2 x 1 m (2 x 0,5 m + 1 x 1 m also possible)
Pay Load: 500 kg/m²
Test Load: 825 kg/m²

Corresponds to the requirements of DIN 15921 TUEV-tested statics are available.

Max. Stage Height: 100 cm
Weight: circa 29 kg with outdoor plate and supporter
Frame /Storage Height: 7 cm
Inlaying Plate: 12 mm Outdoor panel Birch, coated dark brown

The stage platform is offered at the factory with plug-in feet 60 x 60 x 2 mm.

Numerous accessories such as clamp connectors, railings, facings, stairs, etc. are available on request.

KLEU Super-Light Rutschfeste Oberfläche

Anti-slip surface

KLEU Super-Light Ergonomisch geformter Alurahmen

Ergonomically shaped aluminum frame

KLEU Super-Light Podest

Great stability is achieved through a support profile.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stoffverkleidung Klett

Textile or wooden facing

KLEU Super-Light Podest Geländerbefestigung

Stage railing fixation

KLEU Super-Light Podest Fussverbinder

2-column clamp feet connector

KLEU Super-Light Bühnengeländer und Nutenstein

Stage railing

KLEU Super-Light Bühnengeländer und -treppe

Stage railing and stair

KLEU Steckrollensatz

Transport roller set with floor protecting wheels

KLEU Alu-Vario Transportwagen

Transport trolley