KLEU Alu-Concerto Chorpodest

Plug-in-foot or scissors-type platforms set up in straight or semicircular step arrangements for choir and concert platforms.

KLEU Alu-Concerto Chorpodest

Choir pedestal specially adapted for a particular church for a large choir.

For an offer we need the number of singers / musicians and if possible the measures of the room to be considered. We then make a sketch.

KLEU Alu-Concerto Chorpodest

Well integrated choir pedestal.

KLEU Alu-Concerto Chorpodest

Choir pedestal with orchestra stage.

KLEU Alu-Concerto Chorpodest

Choir pedestal with higher step rise, also suitable for sitting.

Space-saving benches, optionally also in a foldable version.

Quick and secure fastening of the benches in the assembly channel of the choir platforms.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stoffverkleidung Klett

Textile or wooden facing.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Ecke mit Geländer

Railing fixation

KLEU Alu-Rapid V 4er-Verbinder

2-and 4 colum clamps for the plug-in feet

KLEU Steckrollensatz

Plug-in roller set with floor protecting wheels

KLEU Super-Light Bühnengeländer und -treppe

Stage railings and stairs