KLEU Alu-Rapid V Steckfüsse

Plug-in and telescopic feet 40 x 40 mm

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Steckfüsse

Plug-in and telescopic feet 40 x 40 mm and 60 x 60 mm

KLEU Super-Light Podest Fussverbinder

2-column clamp connecting 2 feet of different platforms

KLEU Alu-Rapid V 2er-Verbinder

2-column clamp

KLEU Alu-Rapid V 4er-Verbinder

4-column clamp

KLEU Super-Light Bühnengeländer und -treppe

Stair and stage railing

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Aufbau Treppe Geländer

Safety Railing, stair, facing

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Geländer

Stage Railing

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Ecke mit Geländer

Railing fixation

KLEU Super-Light Podest Geländerbefestigung

Railing fixation with the help of slot nuts

KLEU Zentralfuss Geländer Eckverbindung

Safety Railing, 100 cm wide x 110 cm high, corner connection

KLEU Zentralfuss Geländer Gegendruck

Support arm for the safety railing

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stuhlleiste

Chair-holding rail for hanging in into the assembly channel of the stage platform.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stoffverkleidung Klett

Textile facing with velcro tape – male and female

KLEU Super-Light Textil- oder Holzverblendung

Platform facing made of fabrics

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Holzverblendung

Wooden facing for stage platforms screwed

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Holzverblendung einhängen

Wooden facing for stage platforms for hanging in

KLEU Steckrollensatz

Plug-in rollers with floor protecting wheels

KLEU Alu-Vario Transportwagen

Transport trolley