KLEU Alu-Top Scherenpodest
KLEU Alu-Top
KLEU Alu-Top Profi-Airstage

The scissor platform is made from an aluminum frame with a flush-fitting, firmly screwed cover plate or an adapted carrier plate to accommodate parquet surfaces etc. (adapted to the hall / existing floor). The scissor construction is made of rectangular steel tubing, powder-coated against impact and scratches. The platform is firmly screwed to the floor in a pit provided by the customer, so that the height can be adjusted from above with little pulling force with an adjustment tool.

Technical Details: Alu-Top
Standard Size: 2 x 1 m (special sizes possible)
Height adjustment: 16 2/3 or 20 cm rise
(max. height depending on platform size and pit depth)
Structural Requirements: minimum 20 cm pit depth
Pay Load: 750 kg/m²
Carrier Plate: 25 mm, optionally covered with the upper floor of the hall (parquet for example)

TUEV-tested after DIN 15921 with GS mark

Numerous accessories like stage handrails, facings, stairs etc. are available on request.

Umfangreiches Zubehör wie Treppen, Schutzgeländer, Podestverblendungen  erhalten Sie auf Anfrage.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Ecke mit Geländer

Fixation for stage handrail

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Geländer

Stage handrails suitable for your use

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stoffverkleidung Klett

Textile facing

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Holzverblendung einhängen

Wooden facing for hanging in the assembly channel

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Holzverblendung

Wooden facing screwed into the assembly channel