KLEU Podestbau Prüflast pro Podest 2474kg

Alu Rapid V – Workmanship Made in Germany.

The stage platform with the top scores
Construction height 1.20 m with 750 kg / m² payload without diagonal bracing
Construction height 1.68 m with 500 kg / m² payload without diagonal bracing
Variable plug-in foot mounting made of die-cast zinc
Compatible with almost all commercially available platforms

Perfect for use in the cultural sector, in the music industry, at municipal events, industrial events, media events and presentations.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Grafik 5 Jahre Garantie TÜV

TUEV-tested after DIN 15921: 2015-09 with 1,65-times test load. Five years of warranty, except for the platform plates

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Ecke

All-round assembly channel for fixation of system accessories

Technical Details
Alu-Rapid, V TUEV-tested DIN 15921 with GS-mark
Standard Size: 100 x 200 cm (special sizes and forms available)
Weight: circa 36 kg 22 mm wooden plate
circa 47 kg 22 mm waterresistant plate
circa 32 kg 22 mm lightweight plate
Frame-/Storage Height: 8 cm
Pay Load: 750 kg/m² max. stage height 1,20 m with plug-in feet 60 x 60 x 2 mm without diagonal bracings
500 kg/m² max. stage height 1,68 m with plug-in feet 60 x 60 x 4 mm without diagonal bracings
Stage height up to 4 m WITH diagonal bracings possible
Test Load: 750 kg/m² = 2474 kg per platform 2 m x 1 m
500 kg/m² = 1650 kg per platform 2 m x 1 m
Point Load: 150 kg area 5 x 5 cm (test load 290 kg)

Platform plates are available in different types:
22 mm thick wooden plate
waterresistant multiplex and lightweight plates, parquet, linoleum, carpet, acryl covers, aluminum checker plates etc.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Steckfussaufnahme

Corner castings for plug-in feet mounting and 4-column clamp

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Steckfussaufnahme

Variable corner castings for plug-in feet 40 – 60 mm and round tube Ø 48 mm

KLEU Alu-Rapid V 2er-Verbinder

2- and 4-column clamps for connection of stage platforms in step arrangements etc.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Steckfüsse

Plug-in and telescopic feet in different lengths and types are available.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Verbinder

Klemmfix platform connectors or clamps from PVC or steel enable a stable, fixed and plan bond.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Verbindung

These are compatible with almost all commercially available stage platform systems.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Aufbau Treppe Geländer

Numerous accessories for the design of individual stage and grandstand structures, such as stairs, railings and podium facings.

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Ecke mit Geländer

Fixation for stage handrails

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Geländer

Stage railings for your requirements

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stuhlleiste

Stage chair-holding-bord

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Holzverblendung

Stage facings made of wood, for screwing or hanging in

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Sonderform

Special forms

KLEU Steckrollensatz

Plug-in roller set with floor protecting wheels

KLEU Alu-Vario Transportwagen

Transport trolley