mobiler Tanzboden Parkett

By standardizing the single elements, each area can be expanded or exchanged as required.

KLEU Tanzboden Profi-Dancing Set-Verschluss

Detailed view of the tilt lock “open”

Technical Details: Profi Dancing Set
Element Size: 95 x 95 cm
Height: 26 mm
Weight: 18 kg

Oak surface, lacquered as standard

Accessories: Special transport trolley to hold the elements and the friezes

KLEU Tanzboden Profi-Dancing-Set

The dance floor elements are all the same and are connected by means of a quick-release lock in a tongue and groove system so that all the plates are locked in place flush with the surface and stable. A border made of friezes forms the transition to the existing floor without the risk of tripping.

KLEU Tanzboden Profi-Dancing-Set Verbindung

Detailed view of the tilt lock “closed”

KLEU Tanzboden Profi-Dancing-Set geschlossen

Detail view of the tilt lock that connects the dance floor elements with the frieze elements.

KLEU Tanzboden Profi-Dancing-Set Friese

There are friezes – as shown here – coated in gold or silver.